Featured Content: Congratulations to Levente & Hai Anh for their recent Awards!

Congratulations to Hai Anh Le Phuong and Levente Cseri for their European Membrane Society Travel Awards! The European Membrane Society provided three awards for PhD students to support their travel to the PERMEA 2019 conference. Out of the three, two were awarded to members of the Szekely Group as a result of successful applications by Hai Anh and Levente. Hai Anh is set to give an oral presentation entitled “Nature-inspired membrane supports for organic solvent nanofiltration” (read more here) while also presenting a poster on “Bio-inspired membranes for improved performance and solvent resistance”. Levente will give a talk titled “Boosting the permselectivity: GO nanocomposite anion exchange membranes for electrodialysis” (read more here) and present a poster on “Organic solvent nanofiltration for sustainable organocatalysis”.

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