Featured Content: Congratulations to Hala for her recent SRSI Award!

It was a pleasure to have Hala Algallaf, a Saudi high school student, who spent her six-weeks research internship in our lab. Her internship was supported by the Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI) program. During her stay, Hala was introduced to the electrochemical synthesis of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) working under the guidance of Dr Rifan Hardian. Hala investigated the effects of various reaction parameters, such as applied voltage and reaction time on the quality of the synthesized MOFs. During this relatively short time, Hala did an amazing job, and gained hands-on practical experience both in the lab and through science communication. She successfully presented her results in front of the KAUST faculty panel, and we are proud of her achievement to get the Top Presenter Award. Well done, Hala!


Featured Content: Special issue cover for AMT

Check out our new article on electrospun nanofibrous membranes from ion exchange polymers to snare textile dyes from wastewater. The article is part of a special issue edited by Profs Amir Razmjou, Vicki Chen and Matthias Wessling. I am glad that our cover art by Fuat Topuz was selected by the Advanced Materials Technologies journal! Congratulations to Levente, Fuat, Mahmoud, Abdulaziz for putting this work together in a successful UoM-KAUST collaboration.


Featured Content: Front cover for CEJ

Check out our new article on scavenging organic micropollutants from water with nanofibrousE-WEB-Goal-14 hypercrosslinked cyclodextrin membranes solely derived from green resources. The article was selected for the front cover of the Chemical Engineering Journal published by Elsevier. Congratulations to Fuat Topuz, the first author of the article, for putting this work together in a successful interdisciplinary collaboration with Tibor Holtzl.

Cover CEJ

Many thanks to Heno Hwang for the illustration.

Featured Content: Invited talk at ACS-GC&E

Join us at the 25th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, 14-18 June 2021. The invited talk on ‘Energy-efficient solvent recycling via nanofiltration in continuous flow’ will cover our latest research on the use of organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) for in-situ recycling of solvents. Examples for the coupling of OSN with continuous extraction and continuous catalytic reactions will be presented.