Featured Content: Front cover for ACS-SCE

Check out our new article on process intensification via continuous and simultaneous isolation of antioxidants as an upcycling approach for olive leaf waste featured on the front cover of the ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering journal by ACS. The work was done in collaboration with Prof Drioli from ITM-CNR, and Dr Fonte from Manchester.


ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

For the illustration the credit goes to Xavier Pita scientific illustrator at KAUST.

Featured Content: Book Release

Edited by Andrew Livingston and Gyorgy Szekely, the book titled Sustainable Nanoscale Engineering: From Materials Design to Chemical Processing has recently been published. The book presents the latest on the design of nanoscale materials and their applications in sustainable chemical production processes. The newest achievements of materials science, in particular nanomaterials, opened new opportunities for chemical engineers to design more efficient, safe, compact and environmentally benign processes.


Featured Content: Follow us at PERMEA2019

Join us at the PERMEA 2019 – Membrane Conference of Visegrad Countries, which will be held from August 26-29, 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The keynote lecture on ‘Toward Sustainable Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Membranes & Processes’ will cover our research at UoM and KAUST on the potential of biophenols, bamboo fibers, interpenetrating polymer networks and ion-stabilization for achieving high-performance nanofiltration membranes. You can read more about some of these published works in ACS Applied Polymer MaterialsACS Applied Nano MaterialsACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering and ACS Nano.